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3’s Company (Blueberry,Strawberry, Peach)
Bacci (Tobacco)
Bangin’ (White Peach)
Berry Chew (Nordic Berries)
Blind Date (Strawberry Banana)
Blondie (Cotton and Bubbles)
Booty Call (All Day Hype)
Blue Jolly (Blue Raspberry with Cooling)
Blue Heads (Blue Raspberry and Peach)
Cactus V2  (Jack Fruit & Cactus)
Flix & Chill (Watermelon & Fuji Apple)
In 2 Deep (Vanilla Blend)
Lust (Layered Strawberry)
Mile High (Cactus, Pear & Dragonfruit)
Pinkman (Watermelon, Strawberry,Cactus)
Purple Nurple (Grape)
Red Velvet (Strawberry Peppermint)
Smash (Strawberry Spearmint)
Sparkling Diamonds (Strawberry Kiwi With Cooling)
Seduced (Saltwater Taffy)
SK Pox (A Rainbow You Can Taste)
Suga Mamma (Blue Raspberry & Lime)
Very Berry (6 Berries 9 Fruits) 
Wink (Green Apple)


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